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The Secret To Staying Healthy While Travelling

| Travel Tips

Seasoned travelers will agree that nothing holds a light to the experience gained through travelling. Some may even say that it’s the best way to learn from life. However, stepping out of our comfort zones isn’t always easy. You might even find yourself suffering from lack of sleep due to jet lag or an unstable diet due to unhealthy food choices.  

To ensure that your journey is enjoyable and stress-free, here are some Elysian tips to keep yourself healthy and fit while travelling:


  • Leave your stress behind. A healthy mind equals a healthy body, and vice versa. Travelling is the best time, if not the only time, where you’re entitled to take your mind off of your daily routines and stresses such as work. So go on, switch off your mobile phones and disconnect from the web. Carpe Diem!


  • Save up by buying fresh fruits and veggies. Thinking of skipping the continental breakfast at the hotel because it’s too expensive? That’s fine, but never skip a meal just because of a tight budget! There’s always a healthier alternative such buying fresh produce from the local market. Not only do you get to eat healthy, it’s also a great way to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and mingle with the locals.


  • Always pack water. This is a no brainer: always keep yourself hydrated! If you’re not properly hydrated, your body isn’t able to function at its best and this leaves you prone to fatigue, making it easier to fall sick. 


  • Pack vitamins and medicine. Exploring a foreign country is exciting, but our bodies may not always be equipped to handle the sudden change. Keeping a simple first aid kit with essential remedies can help keep the discomfort at bay. Nothing spells disaster like falling ill during travelling so it’s always handy to have your handle medicine and vitamins at the ready!


  • Workout while you can. Just because you’re on vacation, doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze in 15 minutes for a light workout! Instead of relying on coffee or energy drinks to help you get through the day, a simple exercise in your hotel room works wonders in keeping you energized for your trip. Give your body the love it deserves so you can enjoy yourself while travelling.