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I couldn’t help but write about Bucharest after travelling there… it is such a wondrous place. This beautiful place was dubbed “Little Paris” in the 1900’s because of the Belle Époque buildings and of course the vibe of living in a metropolis. Bucharest is a busy capital and a magnificent place to roam – history and modern glory combined in one place, it really has stood the test of time. It is also a photographers paradise!

Bucharest is believed to have been founded on the banks of what’s known as the Dambovita River by a mere and humble shepherd called Bucur that when translated means ‘joy’. He was so skilful with the flute evoking a sense of romance that it captured the hearts of whoever heard it. He was also a winemaker of talent and so with such attributes was influential in ensuring the name Bucharest would honour his contribution to its development.

Like most of Romania, Bucharest is a city of beauty capturing the essence of its ancient stories through the ruins that remain with architecture that represents its evolving modern history.

Ideal months. I was aiming to flaunt my winter clothes abroad, so January was a perfect month for me as it actually drops down to freezing -2°C, making it the coldest month in Bucharest. I would highly suggest months April, May, and June though as it is comfortably cold with some  warmer days woven through, a perfect way to spend your vacation. Plus, this is a truly ideal city to see by foot so these months are ideal for being outdoors.

What to expect. Bucharest is the perfect city for cycling and walking as you visit iconic places like The Arch of Triumph, Kretzulescu Church and Palatul si Biserica Curtea Veche. The food, parks, and museums also burst with flavour, culture and splendour.

What to do. Here are a few of the best tours you can partake while in Bucharest from experience:

  • Bohemian Bucharest Markets and Mahallas Walking Food Tour – Aside from trying the best cuisine only known in Bucharest, you can also visit artisan markets where you can buy all the cultural goods and authentic souvenirs you want from the best markets in town. You will also be guided by an English-speaking tour guide in order to inform you of the historical events in Bucharest.
  • Guided Walking Tour of Historical Bucharest – There’s nothing more educative than going around the city looking at historical sites. You will be able to know more of Ceausescu’s dictatorship and how the Cold War forever shaped and changed this city.
  • Bucharest Old Town Walking Tour – You will have the chance to see all the old architecture of Bucharest – a beautiful combination of Gothic and Neo-Baroque that shaped their cultural influences. You can even visit the notorious Vlad the Impaler’s medieval castle called the Old Princely Court or the Palatul si Biserica Curtea Veche.
  • Highlights Walking Tour of Bucharest – This tour lets you see the beautiful highlights of Bucharest with the informative tales of Ottoman pashas and Transylvanian princes. You can also go to Kretulescu and be amazed by its stunning architectural style, plus learn more about Revolution Square.
  • Private Bucharest Walking Tour – You will be able to see the iconic parts and capital of Romania’s flourished history – something you shouldn’t miss. You can see the Revolution Square and understand more of its cultural evolution and adaptation as well in a small intimate group setting.