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After years of talking about starting a travel business we finally established Elysian Travel in 2016. With experience of working in the luxury hotel industry across Australia and Asia and as frequent flyers responsible for organising and attending corporate events in Australia, Asia, USA and Europe we realised how much we had learnt about the traveller experience. Needless to say, travel was not only our ‘down time’ pursuit but also what we did for a job!

This extensive travel culminated in our desire to start a business where the customer could get a personalised concierge travel service (which was lacking from ours). Combining our wisdom and experience with a clients’ distinctive travel needs became the central focus of our future business. Combined with a thirst for travel ourselves it was our natural next step.

Elysian Travel was born

The concept for Elysian Travel was inspired by a trip to Nepal, which for us, was a slice of paradise. The name Elysian came out of an afternoon enjoying French wine, overlooking the breathtaking surrounds of Lake Begnas and the picturesque backdrop of the Himalayan Mountains.

The meaning of Elysian originated from ancient Greece, where the Elysian Fields was the paradise reserved for heroes who had been immortalised by the Gods in Ancient Greece. We believe everyone wants and deserves an experience that brings a state of enjoyment emanating from their own version of an Elysian Field… just like ours in Nepal.

So the question is, where is your Elysian Field and how can we help you to get there?

Come and meet our team to find out!

Yours in Travel,