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Here at Elysian, we make sure that you always get the best from the places you visit.

Today we’re here in Bali with the Belmond Jimbaran Puri – a piece of sandy paradise with plenty of warm sun to keep you toasty. Arriving at this luxury resort for the first time truly feels like paradise, and the abundant fresh air, blue skies and awesome service is a truly great way to be welcomed.

The rooms are crafted to accommodate your needs in style – hints of the island’s cultural ancestry, along with lush green gardens. Each villa has its own private pool. There’s a difference between the average pool villa and the deluxe villa – the sizes and the amenities – but all are still beautiful in their own way. There’s outdoor seating for those who want to sit and read a book or simply relax under the sun.

Night swimming is a must, especially for couples who are celebrating their honeymoon!

The Belmond Jimbaran Puri prides itself on an excellent selection of cuisine that’s a fusion of Indonesian and Western food. The Nelayan and Tunjung restaurants serve only the best and the freshest catch of the day for guests, and sometimes offer Mediterranean-style cuisine that will tease your tastebuds and leave you craving more! But the other thing is the gentle atmosphere of warmth and welcome – because of the foliage view in the morning and the pinkish skies in the afternoon.

At night or while watching the sunset, you can expect to have a delicious drink in their Puri Bar, where there’s fresh Asian cuisine as well as many juices and cocktails that your heart desires. This is one of the most scenic bars in Bali and promises amazing concoctions that will captivate your tastebuds. A great way to end the day and reflect on your adventures with friends and family.

Before turning in for the night, another option is trying out one of the hotel’s spa packages. Relax and experience a renowned Ayurveda massage that begins with a rhythmic ‘four hands’ Abhyanga ritual. You can also choose to have a massage or other treatment by the sea, with the warm breeze blowing. If you are looking for the ultimate rejuvenation experience, try the Spa Retreat package.

Enjoy kicking back with a good book? The resort also has a library, where you can read to your heart’s content, and an iMac computer, should you have left your laptop at home. Aside from the comfortable silence, there’s also an excellent view of the pond outside with natural light that permeates through.

If you want a special souvenir to remind you of your holiday, the resort’s boutique has everything from colourful batik designs to exquisite sculptures that reflect Bali’s rich culture and heritage.

Of course, no getaway is complete without a dip in the pool. The Belmond Jimbaran Puri has pools for children, as well as for adults who would love some peace and quiet. There’s an infinity pool with a lush view, and the ocean as the backdrop.

This tropical getaway offers a perfect escape from city life, where you can meditate while listening to the gentle lapping of the sea. It’s tough doing research for Elysian Travel but someone has to do it!

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