Ultimate Packing Guide For First Time Travellers

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If it’s always been your dream to travel, then you know there’s a lot to prepare for.

From the budget you need to the itinerary you plan to follow, any travel adventure requires detailed planning and thorough research on where you are headed.

Then of course there are more pressing matters – such as what to pack. Packing can either be a fun task or a tedious chore, but to make it easy, there are a few simple guidelines you should stick to!

So start early and refer to Elysian Travel’s packing guide below for first timers:

Luggage. In choosing your bag, you need to understand what kind of terrain you are heading to, in order to avoid potential problems upon arrival. For example it doesn’t make much sense to carry a 4-wheeled luggage case when you’re hanging out at the beach!

Obviously if it’s more a city experience, you can consider bringing wheeled luggage or those versatile backpacks with wheels. Whatever the location, when buying any form of luggage ensure it has a decent warranty. It’s often better to spend a little more on quality so that it lasts longer than deal with uncomfortable, broken or impractical luggage

Organise. Are you going on a skiing trip? Or to tropical paradise? Researching your location and the weather also assists greatly on clothing decisions and on the accessories you need to pack or buy. So many great weather apps are out there now to do the research but we highly recommend Weatherzone!

Packing cubs are a great way to store underwear, tops, and bottoms without having to pull out loads of garments while looking for the piece of clothing you want.

If you plan to go to conservative countries, always pack pants to avoid problems when going inside certain attractions and always research dress codes for the different cultures you are going to explore. Dressing comfortably but appropriately always contributes to a better travel experience.

Shoes! They take up so much room but are so important to your comfort – stick to the rule of one pair for each occasion so you don’t feel like you need to pay for extra luggage. That way you can always save room to buy another pair or two while you are away.

Also, remember those pesky chargers for all the gadgets you might use daily. Technology helps capture and share the travels, but is useless if you can’t power anything up!

Basic necessities. When travelling it often pays to get smaller versions of the products you may have at home for an easy packing and travelling experience. If you are the reading a physical book, for example, it may be time to switch to the iBooks (just don’t leave your charger at home).

And never overlook packing necessities such as these listed below:

  • Hairbrush or comb
  • Deodorant (nothing worse than long haul flights with no showers – at least in this case you won’t smell too bad)
  • Lotions and moisturisers
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash below 100ml
  • Prescription meds along with script
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Glasses and sunnies
  • Shampoos and conditioners
  • Cosmetics

Important documents and personal items. Lastly make sure you leave any paperwork, such as accommodation details, visa documents and your passport in a visible place so you don’t forget to pack them!

A very experienced Elysian traveller recently missed her flight to Europe because she forgot her passport. It can happen to anyone!

Meanwhile, never pack anything valuable in your luggage, especially if you plan to check it in. Avoid being one of the horror stories you’ve heard about (or don’t want to hear about)! Important belongings such as your phone, wallet, keys, ID case, and prescription items like glasses and medicines should always be in your small carry-on bag. After all, the point of travelling is to roam, relax and play – not stress!

One last tip: if you are going as a couple, family or group and someone else is packing for you, blame them at your own risk. Or maybe just pack your own bag next time around!

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