Tips And Easy Hacks For Solo Travellers

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Here at Elysian, we understand your need to spread your wings and understand your true purpose through travel.

Travel can bring a sense of enlightenment and freedom to people helping them to live in the present. It can also open your mind, sparking a sense of curiosity about different cultures and histories. When travelling, you become knowledgeable and more understanding of the uniqueness of people around the globe.

Sometimes, the most rewarding way to travel is to go it alone. While it might make you nervous, it teaches you much about the world – and yourself in the process. It also helps you get to know more people and explore their culture through their eyes, fuelling a passion to learn more.

So here are some tips for your first ever solo travel adventure:

  • Use your personality to your advantage. Ideally, the best way to enjoy your first solo travel is to learn more about a country’s culture and lifestyle, so making a connection is basically a necessary thing. Who knows? You could even make a lifetime friend.But the important thing is – never force yourself to do things you don’t enjoy doing. Do you like to socialise? Go out and talk to people and learn more from them firsthand.Are you shy? Watch from a distance and soak in the sights by yourself at first – then if you want to take a big step, start some small talk with lone locals to build your confidence.
  • Don’t go for fancy hotels. Travelling alone means you have to spend more and can’t cut costs with anyone. The smartest thing to do when you’re abroad is to look for cheap but trusty accommodation you stay for a while. The best part about shared accommodation is getting to know the people you share it with. Just make sure you read the reviews carefully… we like Trip Advisor for this.
  • Learn to enjoy your solitude. You might be the kind of person who’s used to being surrounded by friends all the time, but it’s also important to learn to enjoy your own company.Through travelling alone, you’ll meet different kinds of people and perhaps even discover something new about yourself. You’ll also learn how to make friends by yourself – and maybe enjoy things you’ve always wanted to do.
  • Take more selfies. The best way to revel in these memories is to take selfies! Tons of them! They are one the best ways to immortalise your memories and even share them with your future kids or grandchildren!
  • You’re the boss. The best way to enjoy your trip is to take your time in places you actually enjoy. No more people trying to rush you when you’re indulging the sights and no more forced attractions you don’t really feel like going to. You can go to places you really like and enjoy the food you want to try without peer pressure. It’s liberating to enjoy your travels without any pressure.
  • Never fully trust anyone. As sad as this sounds, you have to you’re your wits about you when travelling alone. So when mingling, make sure you never leave drinks or food unguarded. Always bring your valuables with you wherever you go and drink moderately. Ideally notify your family back home about your itinerary and any changes to plans. Have the local police and emergency number in your phone and never leave without your phone fully charged. After all, precaution is the best form of safety.

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