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Many people when they hear the word Nepal, think of Mount Everest. Fair enough of course, as tourists flock to the country to sample the unparalleled adventures of trekking through the Himalayas.

In a two-week journey to the west of Nepal in the Pokhara we found a total different trekking experience. Tranquillity.

It is true we did trek… let me elaborate. We trekked to the local spa nestled along the perimeter of Phewa Lake for a daily massage totalling AUD$20. We trekked from our hotel down main street to grab some breakfast and watch the cars, locals, buses and cows go by. We trekked to the closest tourist information centre to take a pic (see here)but not necessarily receive any information.
We trekked to the side of the road to grab a cab to take us to nearby Lake Begnas for a spot of relaxed rowing (only the locals were doing the rowing). We trekked to a local café to munch on some succulent local momo under the gaze of the Annapurna Range. Then we trekked to the bar overlooking the lake to watch the sun go down with a Nepal Ice Beer…you get the picture.

Honestly in over seventy years of combined travel experiences I don’t think either of us have ever experienced such a sleepy, relaxed, beautiful and friendly little place as we did in Pokhara. Nepal might be spectacularly adventurous for some, but for us it’s spectacularly chilled out…